Thoughts on Charlottesville Virginia

Hello everyone, 

It's with a heavy heart that I bring you this post today. Specifically, I want to shed some helpful thoughts on the tragic event that took place over the weekend in Charlottesville Virginia. 

First a little backgroundI am from a rural city in North Carolina just about three hours south east of Charlottesville Virginia. I personally have never visited Charlottesville, but I have been to many cities in Virginia as a youth. In my heart, I am still a southern boy. But I have northern parents. This is important to note because I was home schooled by a Mother raised in Queens New York. However, I also admired the culture of the local celebrities and my peers in the south. My mother's personality and mannerisms could not be any more different than that of our neighbors.

I first noticed this difference after a dispute between my mom and our neighbor. This silly feud they had caused my mother to erect a 6-foot fence on the side of our property so that the two didn't h…

Website update: Summer 2017

Hello Everyone,

You know what? I haven't done a website update before, but I figured I would give everyone access to what I have been up to in the background and show you how things work here. Hopefully, once you see how the sausage is made, you will still have an appetite. :)

First and foremost; thanks to all who have subscribed to the site and followed me on social media. The metrics on subscriptions and followers have blown up in the last 30 days. I really appreciate all your support. Please continue to comment and help guide me on how I can best share frugal related advice.

book update: The book is written just shy of 100 pages. I am getting the book edited. I had to not hire one editor (due to lack of good communication) and recruit my wife for some portions of the work. All said and done, my wife will be editing the book with a friend but I am also going to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reduce the cost of spell checking and sentence structure edits. By relying on AI, I …

The death of college and intro to Frugal U

Hello everyone, I am here to tell you something that has been lingering through my mind now for some time. That is college, the standard form of US formal education to be exact. I think it's dying. Now I know what you are saying, "what do you mean college is dead? what is this guy talking about, what are his credentials, how is the frugal nerd Joey Graziano qualified to make this statement on higher education blah, blah". 

Please hear me out. Do understand that this is one man's observation and this post does have facts and frugal resources. I am not trying to start a Fight Club style Cult of unconventional higher-ed learners that bruise each other daily and then transform the movement into a political revolution. I could never do that, I bruise like a peach.

Exactly how is college dead? I  have seen many reports that state most college graduates that aren't able to find work in their area of study. Moreover, I remember learning computer programming in school, the …

Can eating organic food save you money?

Hello and welcome to the second post in my self-study series where I become a test subject in some matter of life optimization and share my results with you. 

Today's topic is all about food! To start, I am a foodie. Just to stress my passion for food, the formal dining room is the most important room in my house. All the important decisions, board games, business deals, study sessions and dinner dates happen in this room. But the table is only important because it holds food. Food is the great uniter. Food brings people of different cultures and backgrounds together for a shared meal/experience. And this post today is more than a rant but a lesson on how food can either save or destroy your financial situation. 

So my aim here is to save us all money by eliminating our doctors visits, medical bills and lost time due to recovery from any sicknesses we may encounter. I'd also like to increase our quality of life since we will be healthy, toner, and more energetic depending on wha…