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Is your idea any good? How to get statistical feedback for free!

LOTS of people have great ideas but for whatever reason there isn't any execution, just wishful thinking. According to, The failure of a tech startup Cambrian House,
seems to demonstrate the vast gap between ideas and
execution. Cambrian House was a well-hyped company that tried to
"crowdsource" new companies and products. However, as the founder of Cambrian House admitted in explaining the company's changing plans, it wasn't difficult to get people to come up with all sorts of interesting and exciting ideas -- but where the
company failed was in getting anyone to actually execute on any
of those ideas.

So why is there a severe lack of execution? In my humble opinion, it's more than laziness. I believe that time, fear and cost are the main reasons. Below I have created a process to overcome these threats and get about the business of executing these great ideas!

Nowadays with all the available social media sites and metrics you can post a few artic…

It’s time to revisit our goals.

It’s timeto revisit our goals.
Goals are empty with no dream behind them. They need fuel. Saying you want to save $1,000 is nice, but there’s no emotion behind it. Nothing is flaring up inside you and motivating you to attack. That changes when you combine your goal with your dream. Saving a thousand bucks so you can go on a big fancy vacation next spring puts that fire in your gut and gets you moving.

There’s a reason that the label on fireworks says “light and get away.” Because when that wick starts burning, it’s about to blow! Combining your goal and your dream is like placing a match to a wick. Once it happens … watch out.
Get excited about setting goals and take the first steps toward your dreams.
However in ALL circumstances, the economic influences don't have to burden your life. Throughout ALL of history people have made themselves millionaires during EVERY period of time. So don't take what the news says too seriously.

5 minute pep talk about motivation

At some point in your life it has to be about some kind of money. Seriously, you have to eat. But eventually, your salary can be a form of golden handcuffs. Don't let it imprison you. Today, don't just reflect on your calendar. Focus on you life calendar. Are you on schedule?

There is a reason why fiction media is so popular. It allows us to dream. It creates a medium where imagination is ignited simply because non-routine stuff happens. Take a 15 minute stretch break from your work and consider what ignites your imagination. What was it that made you jump out of bed as a child? Or what was it that made you not want to go to bed and end the day as a youngster?

These are the thoughts that you should contemplate now! What would re-ignite that same energy and enthusiasm today? Finally, start planning. Conjurer up a responsible strategy to achieve that level of enthusiasm. Do something big we only get one shot at this life thing. All the "stuff" that we obta…