5 minute pep talk about motivation

At some point in your life it has to be about some kind of money. Seriously, you have to eat. But eventually, your salary can be a form of golden handcuffs. Don't let it imprison you. Today, don't just reflect on your calendar. Focus on you life calendar. Are you on schedule?

There is a reason why fiction media is so popular. It allows us to dream. It creates a medium where imagination is ignited simply because non-routine stuff happens. Take a 15 minute stretch break from your work and consider what ignites your imagination. What was it that made you jump out of bed as a child? Or what was it that made you not want to go to bed and end the day as a youngster?

These are the thoughts that you should contemplate now! What would re-ignite that same energy and enthusiasm today? Finally, start planning. Conjurer up a responsible strategy to achieve that level of enthusiasm. Do something big we only get one shot at this life thing. All the "stuff" that we obtain will not be what we are remembered by. However, the theoretical bite we can take out of the world can inspire a revolution of thought. Do it!

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