Is your idea any good? How to get statistical feedback for free!

LOTS of people have great ideas but for whatever reason there isn't any execution, just wishful thinking. According to, The failure of a tech startup Cambrian House,
seems to demonstrate the vast gap between ideas and
execution. Cambrian House was a well-hyped company that tried to
"crowdsource" new companies and products. However, as the founder of Cambrian House admitted in explaining the company's changing plans, it wasn't difficult to get people to come up with all sorts of interesting and exciting ideas -- but where the
company failed was in getting anyone to actually execute on any
of those ideas.

So why is there a severe lack of execution? In my humble opinion, it's more than laziness. I believe that time, fear and cost are the main reasons. Below I have created a process to overcome these threats and get about the business of executing these great ideas!

Nowadays with all the available social media sites and metrics you can post a few articles, blogs, start a Facebook group and see participation rate of this information. For example, I started a little beta group called "Your Frugal Fellow". My passion is to share ideas that empower entrepreneurship and teach people how I got out of poverty in hopes that I will inspire a generation of change. Yes that is a big vision. But I am highly experienced in this area since I have overcome poverty myself. For my beta group "Your Frugal Fellow" I would love to do a YouTube channel, start a blogging site, interview self made millionaires/local entrepreneurs,  and open a non profit that delivers refurbished second hand technology to inner city schools. Even though I sincerely believe that my vision is a good idea, how do I know people are interested in this endeavor? Moreover, how do I know there is an audience?

1. Jump into the social network sphere. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ .
Create a page or Group that articulates your particular ambition.

2. Link all the social network sites to Buffer this is a free web service that automatically post to all your social networks at once or in a given buffered time to spread out your content evenly throughout the day.

3. Create a free Blogger site. This will be where you create content.

4. Create a free ifttt account. Using this service, you can have ifttt listen to your Blogger site for new content and then spread each new Blogger post to your Buffer automatically. Buffer will then spread that blog post to all your social media sites in an organized fashion. 

Creation time:
So here's how I was able to gather interest. I would simply grab articles like since they were my past inspiration. Then I would scout out the articles that match my ambition and simply share that article on my social networking site. Lastly I would attempt the self-help activity that was mentioned in the article and write about my personal experience on my blogger site.

In about one month I was able to gain many followers and "likes" but the most important thing was impressions and clicks. Using the information from Blogger and Buffer's metrics, I was able to reach 20,000 people per week via impressions. 10% of that were shares, and another 10% were actual clicks.  This also helped me create a targeted audience of like minded people. So if I had a product to sell, this strategy gave me a free platform for advertising to an interested audience. Conversely, if my results were poor, it meant that the only thing I wasted was a few hours and that I had a bad idea. Since everything is already setup, all I'd have to do is come up with a new idea!
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There are a million ways to forecast your market and spend thousands on an awesome web site with numerous tracking methods, but that is not my style. I want to do something now and do it for free if at all possible. Eliminating cost is going to lower risk and erase fear. Moreover, fancy web sites can take a while. Doing something now is going to reduce time. You can always build a pretty web site later.

Please let me know your results or if you have any tweaks you'd like to add! Thanks for reading!

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