Moore is better

As a business professional, husband and hobbyist musician, Moore's law has been a great source of inspiration in the arena of constant improvement. I implore you to reflect on this monumental observation.

* If automobiles improved at the rate of Moore’s law, they would go nearly 300,000 miles per hour, get 2 million miles to the gallon, and cost only 4 cents. They’d also be the size of ants.

* A trip to the moon that required 3 days and $25 billion in 1969 would take you one minute and cost about the same as a private plane.

* If skyscrapers increased in height at the same rate, they would be 35 times taller than Mount Everest. They’d also cost less than the price of your average PC.

* Had housing prices plummeted at the same rate as the cost of producing chips, you’d be able to buy a home for the price of a piece of candy.

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