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Are you tired of missing goals? here's one simple tip

I've been a goal oriented individual my whole life. I've seen my share of failures and success stories. One common pattern I notice with the failures is the lack of a detailed plain. For example, I knew a lady who said she was going to lose 30 pounds for her new years resolution. She had signed up for numerous cycling classes, drank a nasty wheatgrass shake every morning and by the second week of the new year, she was utterly burned out and ready to quit.  A well defined plan would have helped her achieve this goal. This dramatic lifestyle change is not natural for a person new to all this healthy stuff. You have to ease yourself into behavior change. Bonus: if you know of someone who has achieved what your hoping to achieve have them review your plan. And ask them to be mentor. A since of accountability can help motivate you. Lastly, be sure to reward yourself for all your hard work. If you've been good for the whole week, treat yourself on Saturday.  Nothing better helps…

Leaders lead in an effort to cause change

What is your vision? Albeit your mission statement, your purpose for working etc. Why is it that I decided to write this post? Change is the reason. I feel that too many of us are walking around with bloated guts, maxed out credit cards, jobs that don't fulfill us and marriages that have a dull flame. How can we cause a ruckus to our lives that by implication cause others to follow. Inspiration and motivation are great, but change is truly what ought to look for. We don't look to George Washington as a hero not only because he inspired us but because he caused change. That same is true for Abe Lincoln. both didn't just Inspire with theory, they were leaders and caused change. So today let's look for a way to impact the world and change our behavior. Let us gravitate toward something monumental and be the change we want to see. 
The words below are By Richard C. Stazesky
Learning from George Washington:
I believe that we can learn a great deal from studying the life of Ge…