Yawn, Brexit did nothing

Hello everyone,

It just so happens that The British Left the EU and we are still alive! Do you remember the mass hysteria last week? With national elections around the corner, I would like to take minute and remind everyone that the national media makes a living off of our emotions. Don't give in to that, don't change your behaviors based off of emotions, continue to learn from history and think critically.

If you turn on left wing news, you hear their own summarized version of events that fit their bias; likewise with the right wing media outlets. I encourage freedom of speech and critical thinking. Daily reminder, If a cop shoots someone it's possible that it's because that person didn't listen to the cop: It's also possible that the cop made a mistake. Until you know the... (wait for it) "FACTS" please hold off on making a firm opinion. It's very possible that you don't know all the information because you weren't there.

This was your daily reminder to not give into the media hype. We are better than that. Good day!

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