Does Automation threaten your job?

Here in the Midwest there is a grocery store called Kroger.  Kroger employs cashiers for $8 per hour.  As per their union contract there is no possible chance for overtime.  After deducting 15% for taxes a wage of $8 per hour will bring you a net of $13,278 per year to live on.

In the past couple of years, Kroger has also introduced a service called U-scan. This product replaces the $8 an hour cashier and allows the customer to scan their own groceries using a touch screen kiosk. This essentially replaces the $8 an hour employee above. On the surface, this sounds like the robots are coming to take our jobs! And in this situation, if you sit back and do nothing, the U-scan robot is taking your job. 

However, there is hope. In this one single anecdotal story, the creation of the U-scan has also created an opportunity for high paying careers regardless of your formal education level. Please allow me to elaborate...

The New U-scan Kiosk that Kroger created needs the following skills to be functional.
1. Software Developer.
2. Software Security Analyst. (To make sure the transactions aren't getting hacked).
3. Operator of the Kiosk. Normally this is a seasoned employee and they pay range is up to $12 per hour.
4. Hardware technician. (Someone has to install and maintain these things.)

ALL of these listed jobs pay more than $8 per hour and in some cases these skills can bring home six figure yearly incomes.
College is not required to obtain these four skills listed above. Moreover, if you are already working at Kroger I bet you can get them to pay for your additional training. How great is that?

In summary, we cannot slow down automated jobs. They are coming for us whether we like them or not. However, the automated job listed in this post just replaced a repetitious job and then created 4 higher skilled opportunities where human judgement is needed. This is the mindset to have as we see the work landscape change. As repetitious jobs become replaced by automation, human judgment becomes more valuable. You can prosper if you are willing to seek more education and embrace the change. 

Has Automation already taken away your job? You are not stuck, here is something you can do right now! 

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