Bootstrap your business today!

Let me set the scene; you have this idea, you have a product, you have time and energy to invest in working for yourself, but you don't have the funds. What do you do? I say, you should Bootstrap a Business! What is this term mean? Bootstrapping is an entrepreneurial strategy to funding a business. Essentially, Bootstrapping a business means you are going to self-fund your business idea. Also, this means that you are most likely going to create a product that is related to a field you have experience in. 

Example: You are interested in creating a food delivery app. A Bootstrapping example would be that you get a temporary job delivering food become a Subject matter expert (SME) on the operations of moving food. Then, self fund the creation of a mobile application geared towards food delivery. Bootstrapping is going to lower risk due to the tactics you are applying.  

It just so happens that I have personal experience in this arena. I was basically an office administrator for a real estate company in my early twenties.  I learned that LOTS of valuable time was wasted on spending time with unqualified home buyers. I created a simple form attachment for email that allowed the salesmen to qualify their clients via email prior to ever showing them a home. My simple act dramatically improved sales since the Salesmen were able to spend more time with the Qualified buyers. Also, this gave them an organized list of potential buyers that couldn't qualify but were close, thus creating a pipeline of sales for the future.

Prior to Bootstrapping a business, I would recommend doing some research on your potential clients and market size. Click here to find out how to get feedback from your idea for free. 

Once you have an idea, and you have some metrics on your idea being popular, you can on on the the next step and start a Bridge-Job

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