Wealth is behavior driven

The example below is so spot on. Mathematically speaking, the solution for poverty is simply a savings account. Having resources in the bank means you have options. The options to move to take a better job, options to invest more so you can retire early, options to live on less and start your own business, etc. I live completely debt free, no mortgage payment at all. Yes, my car is nearly 10 years old, my jeans are bought from Walmart and most of my meals are home cooked. But just imagine what you can do when all your earnings go into your savings account. Imagine the change you can cause in your life and in this world when you have these resources at your disposal. It's truly liberating and stress free. 

Driver number 1 drives the Corolla. He paid it off, has a 2-bedroom house paid for, makes thirty thousand a year and has excellent credit. Driver number 2 drives the Benz, has 3 years left to pay it off, has a 7-bedroom house with hundreds of thousands left to pay, makes two hundred thousand a year and has poor credit. Sadly, many people would choose to be driver number 2 because of what it looks like despite the reality that driver number 1 is more wealthy. Your circumstances will never change until your thinking is changed.

Bonus: How do I become debt free, where do I start? Click here

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