What is a bridge-job?

In my last post, I elaborated on bootstrapping a business and how you should obtain experience in a particular field when you are developing a product.  Another compliment to bootstrapping is the temporary job while you are gaining experience. This is called a bridge-job and is a simple job you obtain to pay the bills while you work on your primary business during the off time. A bridge job can also be a job you obtain to gain experience in a particular area. But the primary focus on the bridge job is to put food on the table and not interfere with your primary business endeavor.

In my personal experience, serving tables is a great bridge job because once you leave the business the job stays there and does not come home with you. Moreover, the schedule is consistent. I used this as a vehicle to help me make the transition to a 100% commission only income.

To steal a term from Dave Ramsey, when you are making the transition from your job to your business, the key is to make sure you have the boat tied close enough to the dock so when you make the leap from point A to point B you don't fall in the water. The bridge job is what makes this "leap" smaller.

If you'd like more information on this strategy, I recommend the book Start. This was a great read that kept my motivational flame burning when I was a little burnt out.

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