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Solution Mindset vs Problem Solving Mindset

A cohort of mine who I respect deeply wrote an article about the Solution Mindset vs Problem Solving mindset for his consulting allies. I decided to piggyback off this article because I think it's applicable to anyone who produces a service/product.

In summary, when you interact with another human to help are you listening to their issues without a preconceived notion and or bias towards their solution?
(Related the negative influence of preconceived notions.)
A wise man once told me, "To be understood, you must first understand."
Often times people, including myself, propose a fix to a problem prior to fully understanding the problem to it's entirety. In my past, I have seen numerous examples of Software development companies spend thousands of dollars and hours of time applying a "fix" to a problem that could have been easily solved a simply training the end user. And since the problem wasn't fully understood, the applied "fix" just introduced m…