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Real Estate Investing Lessons: What to look for when negotiating a purchase on a repossessed home.

Hello everyone,

This is the first post in a series of posts I am going to write about my adventures in buying debt free
repossessed homes as an investment. 

Recently, I found a steal in my local market and picked it up. What is a steal? In my opinion, this was a home that recently had an FHA loan and was repossessed. I was able to buy the home for 30% less than what was selling in the neighborhood. 
Moreover, I have one of the lowest priced homes in this neighborhood. 

The benefit of having the lowest priced home in the neighborhood is that my property's value is likely to increase based on the higher priced homes around me. Why is buying a FHA  repossessed home a benefit? That is because FHA has really strict guidelines on who they give loans to and the condition of the properties they give loans on. My newly purchased repossessed property has only been vacant for nine months, since this was recently an FHA mortgaged property what's the worse that could happen?

Well, as the video r…

I can't get a job because I don't have experience. What can I do?

I see many job postings out there that say "entry-level" but require 4 years of experience. This is the kind of wonky HR moves that I see all too often. 
How exactly is an "entry-level" candidate supposed to get a job that requires 4 years of experience? At that point, 4 years of experience is not entry level. 

Don't be discouraged, job recruiters always post the Ideal candidate and sometimes this can be a little too unrealistic. 

So what can you do to gain experience if you cannot get a job? Well, you can literally start a freelancing business right now. In the article here I post some ideas/strategies on ways you can start a business that don't cost you anything. 

Moreover, you can easily become a professional in most trades with 90 days of intense practice simply by volunteering or blogging about your gig. For example, when I was a young software developer, I volunteered to create my first website for free to a local small business. It was a huge job and I m…

Top 5 things that will help me read 36 books this year

We take on numerous tasks without formal training, why is that? A carpenter worth his salt would not build a quality product without first sharpening their tools. As professionals, the world is changing, and it's changing fast. Metaphorically speaking, in order to keep up we need to sharpen our tools every now and then. Why not take the time to read up on ways of not just keeping up with the world but leading the change and innovation that is taking place right in front of us. 

Now, I know what you are saying, "who has time to read?" Valid point but I can make an excuse for just about anything. The truth of the matter is this, I am an adult. No one else dictates how I spend my time. I have full control of my time and am responsible for the way in which I occupy this time. Even if I miss this ambitions goal by a few books, I am still better off than if I never started at all. Below is my strategy on how I am going to tackle the goal of reading 3 books per month. Please sha…