How one person became an instant millionaire

The creator of the Weed eater George Ballas, was an instant millionaire when he created this product. Something important to note, George created the Weed Eater during a recession with higher unemployment and gas prices than now! Let me ask you this, do you know any homeowner without a weed eater? My thoughts exactly.

When George created the weed eater, the idea was to simple. Create something that the market needed, and to be unique from everything else.  
Just a little FACT: 12.5% of our citizens are millionaires

According the to book Millionaire Next Door, more than 80% of those Millionaires are first generation. (Which means self made wealth, NOT inherited.) That's more than anywhere else in the world. To me, wealth is not necessarily just about money but rather, options. Just think of the opportunities/freedom available with that much capital.

Due to be nature of our modern connected devices and lighting fast internet speeds, this is the easiest time to become a millionaire in America. For example, if I were to create a product of value, I could just share that product with all my social media sites and this blog. And at no coast, instantly I would have thousands of views on my product. Lots of wealthy people already know this. But, on the other side, anyone has the chance to become a millionaire in America, more right now than ever before.

 Why now you say? "Because this country has got lots of problems that are in dire need of solutions."  
- George Ballas (Creator of the weed eater.)

But what if I don't know how to "invent" a Weed eater?
I bet you could also save your way to a Million 

Here's how.
If you max out your Roth IRA every year at an annual average rate of 10% return you will have over 1 million dollars when you retire TAX free!
Do not take my word for it. Be an adult and research my claim and view the pic below. You'll be surprised.


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