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Does the Color of your skin determine your level of success?

Disclaimer: I am giving my opinion based on my experience here. Facts will also be added. Please take my information and come to your own conclusions with the actual facts being your guide.

Depending on what social media algorithms you are affected by, you may see this interesting theme going around. Essentially this fringe trend is a concept saying that a fellow like me has "White Privilege". And the color of my skin is how I am able to accumulate wealth in the USA. I do not normally like people speaking on my behalf since they are not me. So I decided to take this topic on and do some research. Since poverty is a topic I am particularly passionate about, this gives me a great opportunity to learn. 

To be honest, when I first heard this quote, I was deeply offended. This is because I felt as if all my hard work was being discredited. After reading many arguments about this topic,  I discovered a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King talking about Two Americas. After watching that …

My Frugal Cell phone bill (less than $20 per month!)

This post is not a review of a typical cell phone plan. This post is simply me showing you my thought process when determining a cell phone provider. Yes, there will be hyper links, but please don't take my word for it. Do you own research. This post can be a valuable baseline to measure against.

House update: Don't trust your laminate flooring

Hello everyone,

I am just giving you a quick update on the house. I decided to rip up ALL the flooring and inspect the lament hard wood that was so nicely placed on the first screenshot.