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Self Study: Can I really save money being a one car family?

Hello everyone, welcome to the 1st post in a series of "Self-Study" topics where I become a human guinea pig and share my discoveries ranging from pain points to innovative workarounds. In today's post, I wanted to beta test the idea of being a one car family. My grand parent's pulled this tactic off, and with today's technology/innovations, can I do the same?

The why  Cars are a great luxury why would I want to put my family through the inconvenience of only having one vehicle? Well, I am a fiscal nerd. I am always looking for ways to optimize my families finances and retire earlier than planned. After much research, there are other benefits that came along with this too. So, my piggy bank was the primary inspiration for this endeavor. But I also have hereditary mucky cholesterol levels and the extra cardiovascular benefits from walking/riding a bike could help me live longer too! In addition, I imagine that some of my readers may be in debt. Perhaps they could b…

House Update: Inspect your crawlspace often!

Hello everyone, 

Just a quick update here. I don't think we talk about the importance of a dry crawlspace enough these days. Specifically, how often should one go down there and give an inspection? The whole crawlspace as a thing is a new concept for me to worry about and if this thing gets wet and then ignored, you are going to have mold! This mold will then grow and end up on your wooden sub floor in your house and get everyone sick.  Not to mention that a good portion of the air you breathe is from the crawlspace. So you don't want bad air quality down there. In the picture below, my brother and I were doing a random inspection of the sub pump and we noticed the water to the left in the pic. The culprit was right in front of us, but we didn't spot that punk until it started spewing water everywhere. A few weeks ago, I had a remediation team down there removing mold so I am assuming that this pipe got bumped but I honestly don't know how this happened. So every tim…

Gifts that save your bank account and the environment

The truth about gifts. Gifts are great. And they can come in many different forms. Gifts don't necessarily have to be something bought from a store. Depending on your financial situation, the way you handle gift giving can really impact your financial well-being and the environment.

For example, I am from a stereotypical large Italian family. Naturally, being part of a large family means that once all the kids grow up and start having children of their own, there is literally a new birthday every week. In addition to the stress of having to buy something unplanned every week for these parties, I cherish my precious weekend time. I do not fancy shopping, wasting gas driving all around town, waiting in line at stores, getting distracted by other items at the store and wasting more money on something that wasn't planned etc. Even if I had the money, I just don't feel that I need the stress of buying something that will instantly be forgotten. On top of this, most children I kn…