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Can eating organic food save you money?

Hello and welcome to the second post in my self-study series where I become a test subject in some matter of life optimization and share my results with you. 

Today's topic is all about food! To start, I am a foodie. Just to stress my passion for food, the formal dining room is the most important room in my house. All the important decisions, board games, business deals, study sessions and dinner dates happen in this room. But the table is only important because it holds food. Food is the great uniter. Food brings people of different cultures and backgrounds together for a shared meal/experience. And this post today is more than a rant but a lesson on how food can either save or destroy your financial situation. 

So my aim here is to save us all money by eliminating our doctors visits, medical bills and lost time due to recovery from any sicknesses we may encounter. I'd also like to increase our quality of life since we will be healthy, toner, and more energetic depending on wha…

How ditching the car saves me hundreds of hours

Hello everyone, 

Welcome to another entry into my self-study series. In the first post of this series, I showed you how ditching the second vehicle can mathematically save you thousands and even earn you millions if invested thoughtfully. 

Well, It has been nearly 5 months now and I am still utilizing public transportation and sharing a vehicle with my wife. There have been some inconveniences with the limitation of sharing a vehicle, but I have really grown fond of public transportation.  Yes, I have seen some questionable things on the city bus. That aside, I think I found a little life hack here. What I mean specifically is that I am able to work on the bus. This must be what it's like to be on a train or a self-driving vehicle. But unlike the self-driving vehicle, the future is here with the bus! :)

Okay, okay, what is so important about fitting in a little extra work while on the bus ride? Well, this little work hack compounds since I am using the bus throughout the week.


Social Media Warning: Depression is expensive

Somebody once told me that the second page of the Google search results is the best place to hide a dead body because nobody ever looks there. I feel the same way about Facebook comments. Regardless of what I once fell into, I have come to the conclusion that commenting on a controversial Facebook post is an absolute waste of time. This is because no one will really see your argument. Specifically, nobody of significant influence is going to look for your comment, and no search engine will give you credit for your effort.  

Moreover, I am now seeing studies show that increased social media usage causes depression. This makes me depressed just thinking about the time wasted. Social media is designed to be addicting, do not fall for the trap. You should be rewarded for your effort instead of being a lab rat. 

So what are our options? If you have something important to say, write your own monologue about it, provide factual evidence for your claim. You are allowed to have an opinion, but i…