About me

This site is about living a Frugal life and winning with money.  

My goal with this blog is to offer solutions to common fiscal problems we face in this world. As you may have noticed, I am extremely passionate about Economic Financial Independence. This is primarily because I grew up poor and was able to prosper through many entrepreneurial endeavors and a hyper-saving do-it-yourself frugal lifestyle. Sadly, the families I grew up with are still in the same depressed financial state waiting for a bailout. I am saddened to see these individuals still suffering from the same financial woes I experienced as a youth. As someone who overcame poverty personally, I think I can help. On this site, I will post ideas on frugality, debt-free living, Poverty prevention tactics, income boosting freelance entrepreneurial strategies and most things related to money. 

Where to start? 
The topic categories would be a good place to start if you are interested in a specific path. Also, be sure to follow me on Social Media or "Subscribe" to the site so you don't miss a post. If your financial problem is unique, connect with me on social media and let me know so I can flex my spreadsheet muscles. Thanks for stopping by!

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